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Security 3.0


If your enterprise infrastructure were ever hacked by a zero-day exploit (e.g. log4j) or a software-supply chain attack how long would it take you to learn if, when or where something occurred? Let's take a simple example; say you're running:

  • 4 application servers

  • 15 microservers (per app.)

  • 10 storage containers

  • 2 versions (per application)

left: simplified 4-node cluster

right: A single security breach has exposed you to 1,012,500 possible entry-points to diagnose!


What if you could encrypt your applications with a traceable signature that persists across servers and cannot be duplicated?

Our blockchain based digital-signature let's you verify the identity of each node throughout your SDLC

How: Sign your applications and verify their identity at the source (src) and destination (dest) servers. Our tool mounts directly to your existing servers. Available for both cloud and on-premise services.


lightweight (60Kb) binary tool encrypts your API requests with a traceable digital signature

Haiphen offers this service both as a) a docker image and b) a jenkins plugin to secure your CICD workflow

Your digital-signature exists not only in the API itself it persists to the transport layer. Hence, it cannot be superficially separated from your application without corrupting the packet


Value Proposition

Containerized deployment

7-12x attack surface reduction

3x MTTD reduction

Jenkins integration

< 10ms latency hit

4x MTTC improvement

No external API calls

Cloud & on-prem.


Want to learn more?

So do we! Help us better understand your specific security concerns. Set up a complimentary meeting and we'll talk through potential vulnerabilities in your current infrastructure

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