Q: What services do you offer?

Ipv6 protocol standardized digital signing for server-to-server communication. Bring this same security feature to your applications

Track how your APIs are consumed and restrict access as needed

  • Payment -

Monetize access to your application without

  • Decentralized cloud hosting -

Distributed servers to subsidize the cost of hosting your applications and buffer resilience against outages

Q: Why do I need this?

Security, cost and speed are the only three reasons to use Haiphen: a) Manage your software supply chain by encrypting your applications with a traceable digital-signature b) AWS hosted services cost ~$5k per year with unused bells and whistles whereas switching to Linode Servers (w/ Haiphen) cost just $100 per month c) run a lighter stack and reduce latency

Q: What is your mission?

Cloud services providers (e.g. AWS, GCP, Azure) have become the all encompassing gateway for anyone trying to run an online business. Imagine if, in order for you to pay your electric bill, you also needed to pay your Netflix subscription, phone bill, wifi, Spotify, etc. Haiphen is working to simplify how the internet works so that these services can someday be offered as a public utility.

Q: Is it really free?

Haiphen sits on-top of your existing servers (we are not a cloud provider🤫 ). Hence why there is no cost to you. We offer you the ability to un-bundle services from your cloud provider so you only pay for cost of hosting your servers

Q: What is SLSA?

Supply chain Levels for Software Artifacts, or SLSA (salsa).

It’s a security framework, a check-list of standards and controls to prevent tampering, improve integrity, and secure packages and infrastructure in your projects, businesses or enterprises. It’s how you get from safe enough to being as resilient as possible, at any link in the chain.

Q: Enterprise vs. Developer?

Developer has limited features as one might imagine. Enterprise comes with full support service; cost is determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our sales team for a quote. (FYI: If you'd like to continue using the developer toolkit and cannot pay just contact us for an extension)

Q: Will this affect performance (latency, etc.)?

Negligible latency hit (<10ms) but an overall storage and latency improvement relative to 3rd-party API management providers who use proxy servers (see full report)

Q: Are my services secure?

Typical web applications hop as many as 254 times server-to-server before reaching their end destination. Each hop exposes your app to potentially vulnerable security breach. Haiphen reduces this clutter by mounting services directly on-top of your existing servers. We also provide real-time data on who and how your APIs are being used.